Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who is to be blamed for Global Food Crisis US or India

US president George Bush recently blamed India for the Global Food Crisis, citing that Indian Middle class is getting more affluent and is consuming lot more food causing the food shortage globally.
But is it really true. Actually George Bush’s push for Ethanol and his subsisdies to bio-fuels is causing the global food shortage The United States uses — or throws away — 3,770 calories a person each day, according to data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization collected in 2001-3, compared with 2,440 calories per person in India.

Asian Age an Indian newspaper, argued in an editorial last week that Mr. Bush’s “ignorance on most matters is widely known and openly acknowledged by his own countrymen,” and that he must not be allowed to “get away” with an effort to “divert global attention from the truth by passing the buck on to India.”

Here is data from New York Times on who is consuming what and how much. See for yourself.

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