Friday, May 9, 2008

Can IPL be as big as NFL Super Ball

SO Indian Premier League (IPL) in its inaugural run has become a big hit in India. IPL has achieved what it set for Full capacity crowd in every match, high TRP Ratings and advertisement money flowing in from all direction. IPL is perhaps the smartest thing that BCCI bosses have ever done. They made some right decisions like Franchise Team formats, multi million dollar auction of players , Adding Bollywood spice (read Sharukh Khan) to mix, Prime time Match schedule, American Cheer leaders etc. Looks like Lalit Modi can not do anything wrong these days.

But questions is how big IPL can really become. Can it become as big as American league based sports like NFL, NBA etc. Lalit Modi is saying IPL will make Cricketers richer than any other Sports players in the world. He is talking about 15-20 million$ contract for players.

Well considering the large middle class Indian population and the buying power that they have these days anything is possible. Perhaps you can expect people in India lining outside the stores to buy 50 inch HD TVs before the start of the IPL tournament to watch their favorite league, something which is common before NFL Super Ball in America. You can expect to see people wearing IPL League T Shirts and Caps everywhere you go on buses, trains etc. something similar to Chicago Bulls, Patriots, Astros, SF Giants etc. in America. And you can expect a Bilion $ valuation for the Delhi Dare devils or Kings XI Punjab clubs and IPO of Knight Riders and a super duper listing at the Bombay Stock Exchange

I will say all this is very much possible in coming years.

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