Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bobby Jindal for Vice President

There have been reports in media recently that John McCain might choose Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as his running mate. Radio show host Rush Limbaugh has pitched for Jindal calling him the only True Conservative Republican Politician. I am not sure how many people outside Louisiana have heard about Bobby Jindal but I do know Rush Limbaugh is a very popular Radio talk host and lot of people listen to him.

Bobby Jindal can help McCain get he much needed conservative votes and also counter his age factor. In many ways I see lot of similarities between Bobby Jindal and Barack obama. Both are young, colored, Intelligent, hardworking, shrewd and very cunning politicians. Both of them knew right from the day 1 they enter Politics that some day they are going to run for President. So every public appearance, every statement and every Congress/Senate Vote for them was a calculated move for their Presidential goal. That’s why their rivals will always find it very difficult to challenge their clean political record.

Even if Jindal becomes the Vice-President there is nothing for India to cheer about. Apart from his desi roots there is nothing desi about him. He was born as a Hindu in Los Angeles but converted to Evangelical born-again Christianity. His voting record in congress suggests an Anti-India bias.

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