Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Bollywood ready for Snoop Dogg?

These days Bollywood music is heavily influenced by American Hip Hop music and every other song seems to have Hip Hop tunes. However there is nothing new in that, I still remember the music from 80s when Bhappi Lahari's songs were so much influenced by Western Disco music and the 70s when music of RD Burman and other composers was influenced by Elvis Presley and others. In those days it never used to be official and those composers never accepted that they got influenced by Western artists.

However now there is a stamp of authenticity to it as American Hip Hop singers are themselves frequently lending their voices to Bollywood songs and even Snoop Dog is singing the title track of movie Singh is King.

As per this interesting article in New York Times, Snoop Dogs has big plans about his bollywood partnership. He wants to capture the mainstream Indian audience for his future albums and wants to do stage shows there.

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